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Boquete has been continually growing, updating and community events are connecting people. The BCP also known as the “Heart of Boquete Community” is also growing and changing.

The BCP has been at the heart of the Boquete community since 2005. And while many consider it to be “The Theater” or “The Tuesday Market,” in reality, The BCP evolved to become a cohesive organization dedicated to serving the entire Boquete community. And because of our expanding services to the community, while we know that the letters BCP are well recognized, we are changing what they stand for. Read the full article and get more information from their site for upcoming events and new information.

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Average Boquete Weather Information

Many newcomers to Panama ask some of the same questions. One of the most asked is, “What’s the weather like?” Panama’s city of Eternal Spring and the land of Rainbows is Boquete. The beauty, charm, excellent weather and wonderful community offered to all make the these mountains a perfect place to call home.

A town surrounded by beauty in the heart of the highlands. The town of Boquete can be found nestled within the lush mountainous highlands of Panama’s ChiriquÍ Province, just east of the Costa Rican border. Its downtown area resides around town square, lined with restaurants, hostels, souvenir shops, cafés, medical facilities and grocery stores.

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Boquete Weather Averages

So are you ready for a new adventure? Maybe a scouting vacation to Boquete will reveal your new home in Paradise. For more information about Boquete and the surrounding area please Contact Us.